What is air compressor?

Air compressor is a scientific device which converts mechanical energy into potential energy. The potential energy is stored in compressed air. An electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine is required to convert that mechanical energy into potential energy.

How air compressor works?

The mechanism of air compressor is quite simple. The air is compressed and stored in some kind of tank through various methods. The compressed air is kept in the tank until used. The air compressor functions automatically by turning on when the tank is empty. The air pump is different than air compressor due to function; air pump does not contain tank or storage.

Tools of air compressor

Primary tools of Air Compressor
There are two main tools of the air compressor which are called as primary tools of the air compressor. The first one is a piston. Like any engine, a piston is the essential element or tool of the air compressor.Tools of air compressor The piston contains a suction stroke, which draws air in through a valve called inlet valve from the tank of air.
When the stroke discharges, the air which was trapped moves down with the movement of the piston. The air is then released through a valve called discharge valve into the tank. A motor is required to move the piston.
The second one is a cylinder. The forced air in the tank functions as a battery. The compressed air is released from the tank when required. The compressed air is used for spraying and drill purposes. The compressed air volume is measured in cubic feet.
Cubic feet per minute(CFM)
The Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a unit of volume. It is defined as the rate at which the compressor air called flow as measured in cubic feet per minute.
What is PSI(Pounds per square inch)
The pressure which the compressor squeezes air into the tank is measured in a unit called pounds per square inch (PSI). Single stage air compressor: The air is compressed in one stroke, hence, called a single stage air compressor. Two-stage air compressor: In a two-stage compressor, the compressor performs a double function by compressing air initially cooling it, and again compressing it to very high pressure for the second time. Two-stage compressors are mostly used for industrial purposes.
How to look for the best compressor?
Choosing the best compressor depends upon the usage of it. The specifications and job requirements of the compressors have to be kept in mind. The heavy compressors perform heavy duties, while small-scale compressors perform the micro level functions.

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