How to Clean Your House

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Many housewives, when it comes time to do general cleaning, immediately lose confidence in their abilities, they believe that this unpleasant task will take away a lot of free time that could be spent on more pleasant hobbies.

All problems come only from the wrong approach. The most important thing in any activity is the very first stages, because after the start has already been made, it is much easier to continue. This also applies to house cleaning! How to start cleaning the apartment so that it goes like clockwork?

Unfortunately, not every housewife knows about this. If you also want to know where to start cleaning the apartment, just read this guide.

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Three Types of House Cleaning

Urgent cleaning prevents a shallow, easily removable mess from escalating into a serious problem. For example, after cooking dinner, a few greasy spots remained on the stove. They are barely noticeable and do not bother anyone at all. However, if you immediately wipe them with a sponge, the stove will remain clean, and if you leave the dirty stove unattended every day, then a multi-layer burnt crust will form, which will require a large amount of cleaning products and hours of general cleaning.

With the help of urgent cleaning, you immediately get rid of the current dirt. If this is not done, it will accumulate over time and, at best, prevent you from living, and at worst, it will accustom yourself to the surrounding disorder so much that you and your household will consider this disorder to be completely normal and natural.

Current events are held regularly on time, but it is not necessary to conduct them daily. You can schedule them. For example, to clean a sink in the kitchen once a week (having set a day for this), and wash the curtains twice a year. You can arrange everything in the form of a printed plan or just make it a habit – like washing dishes immediately after eating.

You carry out forced cleaning after a long neglect of order and cleanliness. For example, “defrosting” and washing a refrigerator when there is so much dirt and ice in it that it has stopped freezing. Forced cleaning can be avoided if you regularly engage in urgent or ongoing cleaning. However, forced cleaning cannot be avoided after an “accident” of any scale – from a cat’s puddle on your favorite carpet to a clogged sewer pipe.

A great danger of forced cleaning is a possible damage to property. When a mild detergent cannot cope with stale and stubborn dirt, more potent cleaning agents, and possibly abrasive ones, must be used. As a result, you run the risk of causing more damage and damage to the surface being cleaned than the dirt itself did.

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Four Steps in Cleaning

General cleaning once a month is something you have to put up with if you want to be known as a good housewife. Want a house like a deluxe room in a five star hotel? Get ready to make an effort!

  1. cleaning the oven. If you like to bake pies and cookies, bake chicken and fish, dry apple chips and orange slices, then you definitely cannot avoid cleaning it. Buy a good cleaner, preferably with natural ingredients, and roll up your sleeves. Remember that this torment is prepared for you only once a month.
  2. cabinet cleaning. You will have to inspect all cabinets in the house, and not only with things, but also with food and utensils. As you clean, do not forget to throw out the unnecessary (for example, a blouse with a wine stain or a plate with a crack).
  3. tile cleaning. Turn on the perfectionist, only with this attitude you will not get tired of wiping all these small spots.
  4. cleaning everything else. By what we mean areas to which you have never reached. Here we include: skirting boards, door handles, switches, shades, etc.

The main thing to start with cleaning! But if you are so tired that you are not ready to spend precious minutes of rest on a vacuum cleaner and a rag for dust, contact a cleaning company. All you need to do is leave a request at any time of the day and expect a professional cleaner who can easily remove the wine stain on the carpet after a tumultuous party and collect pieces of dishes after a quarrel with a loved one.

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