There is always bound to be a little crafty handyman inside us. People generally like to create things, big and small. The outlet of this creativity may come in many forms. To some, they focus their creativity on motion or visual arts. To others, speech and language jive with them better.

If you’re into wood crafting (like me) or simply like to try out to do as in videos you see on YouTube, one major concern people have about woodwork and carpentry usually have something to do with making things easier for them. For those of you who have witnessed a professional craftsman in action before, I know you’d probably agree with me when I say they make it look too easy. Sorry to burst your bubble, it’s actually not as easy as it looks.

Well, that is, if you’re not equipped right.

Every warrior goes to a battlefield prepared – appropriately. You can’t possibly bring a sword to gun fight, right? Setting aside all the flashing images of the Legendary Samurai (I’m just too imaginative, I scare myself), point is that something as tedious as wood crafting or carpentry work can be made easier with the right tools – especially if it’s for home improvement.

Who Like Them Big Guns?

They’re not really for combat but they could be, depending on context. Kidding aside, today I’m going to introduce you to Bostitch’s most convenient series yet – the Bostitch BTFP3 Kit. You get to enjoy the luxury of having not just one or two tools bundled up in this kit. You get to have three super tools that can definitely help you out with both interior and exterior work.


Get yourself a brand new Brad Nailer, Straight Finish Nailer, and Heavy Duty Crown Stapler all in one purchase.

What Makes These Tools Super?

They make harder tasks a whole lot easier, that’s what. And they’re super safe too! I can’t count how many broken nails and sore thumbs I’ve suffered because of manually installing nails in my own pieces. And sometimes, the end product is not as finesse as they should be. It was really a blessing for me to have found this product. Not to sound over-reacting, but it truly is a lifesaver. Helped me with the repairs around the house too!

One more thing that is special about this toolset is that it comes with a 6-Gallon Pancake Compressor which gives the tools more power to operate.

But Wait, What’s a Pancake Compressor?

This is actually a question that confuses most people. Some people think that air compressors come with the device or that they’re tools and are meant for some sort of industrial function. In reality, an air compressor is actually a separate device that makes use of pressurized air to make devices perform better (and faster). It takes in more and more air to increase the pressure inside the tank and consequently converts power, like gasoline for example, into potential energy.

Then, Why Pancake?

There is actually no meaningful reason behind the name – not that I know of anyway. So the best way I can answer this is probably because of the air compressor’s shape which is like a flattened circle. It does look adorable in a way, doesn’t it? Like a nice squishy lounge pillow. But I think it would be really weird to call it that way. Lounge Pillow Compressor just doesn’t seem to sound right.


What are the Major Advantages of Using the Bostitch BTFP3 Kit?

There is a ton but here are the few of the best advantages you get when you opt to use the Bostitch BTFP3 Kit:

1.  It saves you time.

Hammering nails one by one isn’t something I’d actually call time-efficient. With a Brad Nailer or Straight Finish Nailer, you get to save up some extra few minutes to do other important stuff.

2.  It’s safer.

Get it from someone who had to use the ointment for days at a time whenever I found a few hits of inertia on my poor fingers. Trust me, you’ll sleep better.

3.  It’s cheaper in the long run.

Buying the kit can be a tad heavy on the wallet but it does reap excellent returns. Imagine having to do most of the repairs around the house yourself. You’ll never have to call a handyman over for minor repairs again.

If this review didn’t convince you to buy your own Bostitch BTFP3 Kit, I really don’t know what will. Anyway, to make things even easier for you, we’ll give you a head start by clicking on this link.

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