A Buyer’s Guide to Divan Beds

What exactly is a divan bed? And what is the difference between a divan bed and a bedstead? Divan beds or bedsteads: That is the question.

A Divan bed is one of the most popular beds on the market today. This beauty is usually more cost effective as it gives you the same support and, sometimes, more comfort than other beds but for a better price.

The base of a divan bed is constructed by a wooden frame and is surrounded by material which sits on the floor. There are different types of divan bases, such as platform top, sprung edge or sprung top divan bases. Sprung edge and sprung top divan bases can soften the bed with their layer of springs beneath it, resulting in a more comfortable bed.

A divan bed is different to a bedstead because the sleeper’s weight is distributed across the bed base instead of over a few wooden slats or metal bars.

Types of Divan Beds

When you are looking for a divan bed you can either buy a set, which includes the bed and mattress, or you can choose to only buy the base. The set option is great for those that don’t want to spend too much money as it usually works out cheaper than buying the divan and mattress separately.

Some divan beds also offer great storage space. Storage divan beds, such as the Joseph Star Memory Divan set, are available with a number of storage combinations, including 4 drawers and end drawers, so I am sure you can find a bed that will suit your storage needs.


Divan beds are available in a wide variety of sizes such as single, small double, standard double, king & super king. Bedsteads usually take up more space than divan beds as they have an additional width and length beyond the mattress, so divan beds are the perfect solution for those with a small bedroom.


One of the greatest features of divan beds is that they are available in wide range of fabric types and colours: from leather to cotton, making it easy to find a divan bed that will suit your bedroom style. The most popular types of material are chenille, cotton and velour, so it all depends on your taste. I personally love leather beds as they give a luxurious and sexy look to the bedroom.

To help you with your purchase, I have selected the most popular types of divan beds and our best sellers; I hope this helps.

The Joseph Optimus 1800 Pocket Divan  features a pressure relieving pocket sprung mattress and a configurable divan base. The mattress is fitted with 1800 springs that work individually to provide support to the specific contours of the body and it also contains extra deep layers of wool for luxury comfort.

With an optional headboard, multiple storage options and a 13.5 gauge open coil mattress, the Joseph Star Memory Divan Set is a great combination of mattress and divan base. It has the added benefit of memory foam to ensure you have a great night’s sleep and the divan base adds extra storage to your bedroom.

With a firm comfort rating and extra edge support, the Joseph Ortho Mattress is perfect for those of you looking for an orthopaedic mattress on a budget. The divan base will also add extra storage to your bedroom, making it perfect for those with limited space.

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