How to Clean Your House

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Many housewives, when it comes time to do general cleaning, immediately lose confidence in their abilities, they believe that this unpleasant task will take away a lot of free time that could be spent on more pleasant hobbies. All problems come only from the wrong approach. The most important thing in any activity is the very first stages, because after…

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Furniture Designers Association

What is furniture design all about? Is it only for furniture designers? The first Furniture Designers Association came into existence on 25th October 1917, where it formed its first constitution and by-laws. However, it was conceptualized in 1916 in Grand Rapids, known as the city for furniture manufacturing by a local manufacturer Robert W. Irwin. He wanted to promote a…

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What Makes Comfortable and Stylish Furniture

Home is the place where one can relax after long hours of hectic work. House should look good and appealing to eye not by just colors of walls or flooring. It is also the proper placement of furniture which helps in creating uniformity. Furniture should always be good and should be according to the rooms where there are placed. House…

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